Best laptop for HD video editing under $600?

I've been doing a couple days of research, and have some laptops picked out, but still not sure what's best. Obviously $600 won't get me face melting performance, but should get me more then what I have now. I've had a gateway in the past(very reliable battery went dead). Now I have a toshiba l355d amd turon dual core with 4gb ram. Well, it sure doesn't seem like it! Generally fairly quick, but won't run canon 7d HD vids smooth let alone edit them! I think the best deal I have found is an acer with i5 processor and 4gb ram and a newer intel media card at wallyworld for $600....only thing, are acers good computers? For a person who edits some vids, but mainly uses Photoshop all day...does anyone have any processor recommendations? There isn't much choice...acer,asus,hp,gateway,toshiba,etc and intel t440, i3 or an amd athlon ii. Ha pick your poison or a clear choice?

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  1. Are you earning a living with this new laptop? If so, investing a bit more might help you pump out more work and pay for upgrading the system beyond the $600 target price.
    Acer 15.6" AS5740-6491 Core i5-430M $600 @ Wallmart
  2. Yeah, thats the computer I was looking at...Is it good? Do people generally like there Acers?
  3. It's a bit above average in reviews. Check this source for more info: Notebookcheck reviews Acer Aspire 5740 Series
    It's not your exact model but it's in the same family.
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