HD 1080p vs True HD 1080p

Any noticeable difference between "HD 1080p" and "True HD 1080p" or is it simply a marketing gimmick?
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  1. Sounds like a marketing gimmick. It's either 1080p or it's not.
  2. there is nothing called true hd 1080p ,
    true hd itself means 1080p !
  3. I just bought a 27" Samsung 1080p HD flat panel. The price was incredible under $200.00 and usually has $20.00 rebate because it is very much energy efficient.
    It is hands down the best monitor I have ever seen. You'll love it.

    There is no True HD. I believe Toshiba or another company uses it as a gimmick name to make you think it's better.
    By the way, 1080p denotes HD.

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