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quick question everybody, i don't know if this is the right forum i should post this - i have a compaq presario desktop and all of a sudden it doesn't boot up at all. i have checked everything and all is fine BUT i did not check the power supply... would i need to replace the power supply? if so, could i just buy aftermarkets like artec, etc?
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  1. What do you mean "doesn't boot up?"

    Doesn't post? Doesn't begin to load Windows? Or Windows doesn't fully load? (or anything else really)

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  2. it doesn't boot up when i turn on my computer. i could only see the power light lighting up and that's it - it doesn't load windows, nothing as in nothing happens when i turn on the computer... could this be the power supply acting up? couple of days of using it and it was fine then this happened - press the power button to turn on and nothing happens...
  3. Any beeping??

    Open your case and start up, is there an LCD panel with a hex code?

    If there is nothing there giving you any sort of signal (which could be used to tell what the problem might be), I'd say to go get a friend's PSU and try that. I'm not really sure what your puter's problem is, I think it's PSU related (either the PSU died or there is a short somewhere).

    Also, when you start your puter with the case off, does the HSF (or any other fan for that matter) spin up?

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  4. no beeps whatsoever....
  5. How many plugs come from the psu to the mobo? Is there more than the big multicable one? Compaq has used proprietary psu's, so tell us what kind of cables you have.
  6. Even though there's no beeping.. try taking out all your memory sticks and try to wipe them off.. blow dust that might be in the ports out.. and try reseating them.
    I have a hewlett packard i have to do that to sometimes.

    When you turn the power on do the fans turns? Is the green LED light on your motherboard lit? Does anything in the case smell odd... dead fish?
    Does the powersupply feel extremely hot/smell funny?

    I know you checked it all but you should definately make sure before purchasing anything.
    I've heard of older mainstream computers needing special powersupplies, but i've replaced a dell,hewlett packard and gateways powersupply before.. so you might want to look around on the powersupply question.
    Or maybe someone with more knowledge on powersupplies will post.

    If you need to get a powersupply a lot of people here recommend getting a fortron source powersupply. They are extremely inexpensive and they outperform all the mainstream overpriced powersupplies. Ie.. Antec and Enermax.
    You can find those at which is also a great site to order from. Took them 3 days to get two sticks of memory , powersupply and case with standard shipping. I also ordered it in the middle of the night.

    /edit by the way thanks crashman i bought the 350w with 120mm fan fortron and i loved the little knob on the back.. So far it's running really well. Low temps really quiet, and it's blue. Running cdrom/writer/computer/5 fans and a few lights.
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  7. here's what happens... i turn on the pc, green led light comes on, the cdrom reads and then nothing not even a beep or sound from the hdd... i've tried hooking up my new power supply to the compaq presario 7588 pc and still it does the same thing... could it be the memory? nothing smells funny the only thing is the old ps' fan looks like it's slower than my new one but eventhough i used the new ps it still isn't booting up... i hope it's just the memory... can someone help me asap coz i've been dying on using my compaq pc... thanks for an immediate response...

    oh by the way when i took out the cover of the compaq and when i used the new ps, i tried feeling the hdd, knowing that if it's booting up that it emits a noise that's it's reading, but nothing it's dead, nothing, no sound whatsoever...
  8. try unplugging everything except the RAM, CPU, & Vid card from the motherboard. See if it gets any further... It should hopefully do the normal beep and then moan about not finding any disks....

    I've known dead Hard disks give similar problems to the ones you're having.

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