Intel Mobility Processor For Laptops???

Does anybody know if intel is making or planning or if that even possible to make a 6 core mobility processor just like i7 980x for desktop and the 980x is

$200 more than the 975x which is a quad. Because I'm like $400 short of buying the 920xm and so I don't want to buy it then Intel releases the 6 core

mobility chip like for $200 more...I swear I'll kill myself if that is Intel making one or not??? Thank.
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  1. is it going to be the same socket as the 920xm
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    Probably not.
    We know the desktop Sandy Bridge is going into a 1155 socket vs the 1156 socket of the Clarkdale. More important it's going to use a different PWM power management strategy meaning the motherboards aren't compatible. Expect the laptops to mirror the desktop changes.
  3. Great so these are the new generation processors...gotta built everything from the ground up to support the thing...well I don't think its worth the wait I'm going with the 920...WR2 thanks for the info...don't know how I didn't find that sandy bridge I did days of googling...
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  5. Kenneth L said:
    well I don't think its worth the wait I'm going with the 920
    I'd agree with you. Buy a resonable, decent system when you're ready. Don't over spend so you'll be tempted to keep a system past 4 years.
  6. I don't honestly think the 920XM is worth it anyway. That's one hell of a price premium for a minor speed increase and an unlocked multiplier that you may or may not get to even utilize.
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