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Guys i need help with my z-506 speakers. Right out of the box the front right speaker refused to work, apart from volume control and powering on and off. Whenever i test the front right speaker, sound comes from the subwoofer. And only when i test the subwoofer, sound comes from the front right speaker. The center and front left speaker where working but yesterday when i re tested them sound was coming from the center as front left and from front left as center. Only the rear speakers apear to be fully functional. I've checked all conections and obeyed all the colours for conecting the speakers. Everything is well conected to the subwoofer as well as to the soundcard. Also there should be no problem with my soundcard, since it was working fine with my old speakers (apart from my center channel but that was my old subwoofer's fault). Are the speakers faulty? any help would be appreciated Thx
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  1. Problem solved so no worries!
  2. Just out of curiousity and in case any other members come to your same problem, what did you find wrong?

    Even if its something like speakers plugged into the wrong ports, let us know. Many people make simple mistakes all the time. Any person who finds this thread may run into the same problem and be able to see that your solution helped them.

  3. vitortheone said:
    Problem solved so no worries!

    Could you please share how you fixed the problem, have the exact same problem.
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