KVM compatible with Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Just bought the Logitech keyboard after loving it's sleek appearance (not to mention the $25 deal I found over the holiday) only to find that I didn't take into account my KVM setup. I need to upgrade it to a USB VGA or DVI isn't too important but I want the keyboard to function and what I have been reading online doesn't seem too promising. I would like a 4 port (at the very least, but would look at a larger one).

I trust you guys here for past suggestions... any help would be appreciated.

Current situation is:
1 - Desktop PC running Windows 7/XP MCE dual boot
1 - Dell laptop dock for my work PC (running Windows XP Pro), and home PC running Windows 7

The other ports I use when working on fixing to helping others fix their PC while using my keyboard and mouse.

Thanks in advance.
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