"System Failed CPU Test" WTF!?

I just setup a new system, asus k8v deluxe, athlon 64 3000+, 1 gb mushkin pc3400, sapphire 9800pro, antec true blue 480 watt power supply. Upon turning the machine on all i get is a retarded voice that says "system failed cpu test" I have reseated the cpu a million times as well as all the other components, cleared the cmos, and everything else I can think of. There are no other post codes other than the voice prompt, the internal speaker doesn't even beep. I'm out of ideas and all I can think of is to RMA the motherboard and cpu. I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions.
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  1. Fan attached to the CPU motherboard header?

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  2. I've heard (maybe I'm confusing this with something else, but it's worth a try) that if you go into the BIOS and manually set the FSB speed it should work. Or maybe it was some setting in the BIOS that needed to be disabled. I guess you should just play around with the BIOS a bit.

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  3. I would, except the bios won't load, nothing comes up on the screen. After being on hold for a good 40 minutes with Asus they told me to try everything I already did, so it looks like I'll be RMAing the processor, wonderful. And yes, the fan header was plugged in. I'm just going to RMA both the proc and motherboard to be safe.

    I guess i'll check back here in another 3 weeks when this RMA process is done.
  4. Did you plug in the 4 pin power jack? (goes right behind the ps 2 ports).
  5. Not sure I understand your question. The power supply has 4 pin power jacks, but they don't have to be plugged into anything on the motherboard, they are only for my devices, and video card. The cpu fan has a 3 pin power connector and the power supply has a 3 pin connector for monitoring. The video card takes a 4pin connector for power. That is all I had plugged in.
  6. wow, i'm a fu.cking moron. I've built 10 computers and this is the first I hear of that 12 volt connector. I'm gonna go try that, thank you so much, i just can't believe asus didn't tell me to check for that.
  7. HTF did you know that?? I just assumed he did (that's what I get for assuming!)...

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