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I'm ordering a Dell Friday. Before you have a fit about Dell being junk or something I don't have the cash but do have good credit with them. Here's the dilema, I'm a gamer and can only afford one upgrade to the system which should I get:
System is a 8300. I can afford only 1 of the following which do you reccomend.

Comes with 2.8 @ 800MHz Front side bus can upgrade to 3.2

standard mem is 512 DDR SDRAM can upgrade to 1GB DDR OR

Standard HD is 80 Gig Ultra ATA 100 can upgrade to 240GB Raid

Standard video card is a 128 MB DDG GeForce FX5200 w/ TV out and DVI can upgrade to a 128 MB DDR ATI Raedon 9800 Pro with TV out and DVI OR

Standard 16x DVD-Rom + 4x DVD + RW or can upgrade to 48x CD-RW + 4x DVD + RW

Thank you for your time.

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  1. Well, first off, if you got financing through "dell" then you're actually financed through CIT Bank.

    If this is the case, then you aren't stuck buying a Dell if you just don't want to. CIT is a real banking institution that has approved you for credit. You have the same features as any institution that would approve you for credit. Checks, extending payment plans...etc etc.

    So you would just need to contact them and get that information as to how you'd access the funds you've been approved for outside of Dell.

    I know this because back in my computer beginnings I went to Gateway and got approved for 3 grand there. Right before I bought the Gateway I recieved information from MBNA about my account, and they sent me checks with that information. So obviously I didn't get the cow box.

    Anyway, just some FYI, it's your choice if you go for the dell or not. Allot of people dog them, but as far as OEM goes, they're the one I'd choose, and they are pretty much what you'd pay for what you'd get to build your own system, parts for parts. You'd just get more of what you want and have that control if you built your own. BETTER OEM companies are way to expensive.

    Anyway, if you go with the dell, and you're saying you are using this for gaming, then I'd say Go for the graphics card Upgrade. For sure. That Geforce is really poor.

    The processor is pretty nice at 2.8, but that 3.2 is really tempting. I don't know about OCing a dell system and if it's safe, or even do-able. However, I'm sure others can answer that question. Many say go for the cheaper processors a few steps below the highest prices and OC it way past the fasted processor on the market with minimal extra cooling.

    512 memory is pretty standard. It's said we'll be needing more soon for apps, and games, but not many people use the 512 they have to a straining point.

    If you can get more than one upgrade, go for the extra memory and the video card. Vid-card is priority however.


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  2. Graphics card.
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