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I have windows 7 but cannot view an email as it requires IE 8 but I thought it was already part of the windows 7. can you help this computer illiterate.
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  1. if you are doing your microsoft updates you should be on ie9.
  2. never head an email need ie8 to open, what make you think that?
  3. If you updated to IE9, uninstalling it will revert to IE8. Also, like rgd1101 said, seems ood that you are reuired to have IE8 to view an email. Are you sure it's not malware?
  4. Yeah that does kinda sound like malware. they found an exploit in IE8 and want you to revert to it so they can hijack your system. be wary of this email. not like the OP will ever be back to read though.
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