Lifecam VX-700

Hello, can anyone tell me how to use this webcam please. I've plugged it in and it says ready but no instructions with it (bought in Asda) so don't know what to do now!!
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  1. It should have installed automatically. Have look in Windows, Control Panel, Scanners and Cameras.

    It's made by Microsoft so a dig around on their support site may turn up a manual.
  2. Hi, thanks for that. It did install it's self but I didn't know what to do next so I downloaded Skype and now it's fine and working! Mind you I didn't realize I would look so horrific on camera!! lol Many thanks once again.
  3. "I didn't realize I would look so horrific on camera!!" The computer screen tends to give you that lit-from-below look, like in horror movies.
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