Can i create a drivers disc if i have virus/malware?

My samsung series 7 has a samsung application that lets me create a disc with all my drivers. I wish i had known this before i got a virus/malware infection because the laptop didnt come with a disc on its own.

I am wondering, if i use this utility to create this disc will driver files have a chance of being damaged/corrupt?

I know this probably depends on the type or virus but any general advice is appreciated.
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  1. Possibly a small chance that it could get infected with something if your machine is infected.
  2. Use a different machine and just download the drivers.
  3. Is it the windows recovery disk you want to create, or really only a drivers disk? The windows recovery disk should be created virus free, if it's not a root kit virus, that probably goes to the boot record of the CD. For a drivers only disk i would recommend to download the latest versions from samsung and put it on a pen drive.
  4. well there are a lot of people running into issues apparently trying to download the drivers from samsungs site. A lot of complaints about it being an incomplete list or samsung not being very helpful... so im reluctant to just assume it would be fine.

    The samsung utility creates a backup folder with all kinds of things (software and files i assume) but it also creates a folder of all your system drivers, which is all id want it for.
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