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I have connected my PC to my flat TV with an dvi-hdmi adapter and the picture quality + computer is great but I have no sound. I thot the hdmi connection would be sound also, but I have no sound. Any ideas?
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  1. DVI does not support audio.
  2. To my understanding, DVI does support audio so long as you have the required "link" going from the video card to the mother board. The way we got around this issue (we had to use HDMI cable to DVI-adapter) then we used an extremely long audio cable that had a headphone style jack on one end and the RCA (yellow/white?) cables on the other end. Along with the HDMI cable/adapter, it worked flawlessly- but could only have the TV so far from the PC... If you have a PC you can dedicate to being a media center only PC- this plan is great!
  3. Hi I had this problem for weeks. If your hdmi is not listed in playback devices then connect the hdmi lead and it should show then.Then right click on hdmi and properties I think its then in levels tab there is a volume for the hdmi devices and somehow mine was at zero turn it up should be done!Hope this helps someone out there.
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