I need..JUNK parts

Basically, I need as much junk parts as possible. The reason is because i am currently taking an advanced art course that runs during my Junior year, and that i will continue taking when i reach my Senior year. Since it is a 2 year course i figured that my thesis should be something i enjoyed, so i decided to work in computers. I take broken and unusable parts such as memory, mobos, keyboards (absolutely every part, even the case) and use them in my art peices. The problem to this, is finding enough parts. I used 2 of my extremely old computers but it only lasted half way through the semester.
So, if anyone knows where i could get these parts, post please! Or if anyone would like to give some of their own junk it would be appreciated. And note, these parts WILL be broken if not already.
Thanks, PM me if you would like more information.

Just because im a hardware newb, doesn't mean I cant break things with a hammer.
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  1. There are various computer recycling programs which you may be able to get some old parts out of. Though you probably already thought of this. http://www.crc.org/

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  2. Well, if you or anyone you know works anywhere where that has many employees which use computers regularly than there should be a division which handles technical computer issues (unless it's an outside company) and they usually have a lot of crap (gold for you!) lying around.

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  3. I have a job and they do have extremely OLD systems but they like to keep them in storage...for some reason?

    Just because im a hardware newb, doesn't mean I cant break things with a hammer.
  4. You can look at eBay. Sometimes there are very old parts that nobody wants. Even some people offer boxes of junk. That should be quite cheap and you would obtain a lot of components.

    Still looking for a <b>good online retailer</b> in Spain :frown:
  5. Try local computer shops, esp used and ofcourse hit the swap meets. Bet one of the local shops would be happy to swap a pile of junk for one nice piece ( of artwork )
  6. Hi Insane Moose, I've got your answer. Go to the thrift stores like Salvation Army, Human Society, Women's Shelters, and those for the Elderly. People donate their old computers to them for a tax write off. Around here, they put the old pc's out on Saturday for sale. What doesn't sell goes out on the curb for pick up by trash collectors. So, talk to the organizations I'm sure they'll be happy to let you pick up their "trash" computers for free.

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  7. Yeh, i was trying to stay away from actually purchasing the parts, mainly because lack of funds. So either go to a small computer shop and ask or ask some sort of charity such as Coyote recommended. But do you think that larger stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, or Comp USA would provide anything? Because, they must recieve alot of hardware and im sure once and awhile it arrives damaged, or somehow becomes damaged during handling. Maybe even Newegg? I dont know how much luck I'd have doing it that way.

    Just because im a hardware newb, doesn't mean I cant break things with a hammer.
  8. You can always go dumpster diving. Some friends of mine did it a couple of times and pulled out several old (from around the pentium pro days) but still fully functional computers with working monitors that some small buisnesses and people had thrown away when they upgraded. After about 2 weeks they chunked 90% of it back into the dumpster and off it went to the landfill (another good place to hunt). Also of note, none of the people had bothered to do anything to their hard drives, so if you were of a more criminal intent than we were you could get all sorts of financial and personal info.
  9. Yeesh, i finally managed to get something off a small local store. But, it was only a broken keyboard so i still need alottttt more parts. This is harder then i thought. Everyone thinks im just trying to get parts to personally use but i even tell THEM to break it before they give it to me. :( When i finish my current project i'll take some pictures though.

    Just because im a hardware newb, doesn't mean I cant break things with a hammer.
  10. Where (roughly) do you live? *never mind. Just looked at your profile* If you're willing to drive to San Diego, I could give you at least 4 old computers, and boxes of misc. parts. -Guys, don't bother asking if they're salvagable.

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  11. My uncle lives in LA, maybe he can pick em up or you can drop him off and he can mail em too me?? I'd have to call him up or something to work it out though.

    Just because im a hardware newb, doesn't mean I cant break things with a hammer.
  12. LA to San Diego ='s 4 hour drive with traffic.
    I live in Michigan and i know this only becuase i go to San Diego 2-4 times a year. :)
    I wish I could live there as well.
    California is the best state. Period.

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  13. ?? OK ?? LA to San Diego is better then Phoenix to San Diego. Anyways this thread really isnt about california

    Just because im a hardware newb, doesn't mean I cant break things with a hammer.
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