Blu-ray surround speakers to 50" HDTV. How?

I am not sure if this is possible with the hardware i have now, but if it is possible i would like to know what i need to get my desired audio setup. So i have a 50" Samsung HDTV. The sound that it produces is ok, but im wanting to have all my tv shows (especially sports) to be surround sound. I have xfinity by the way. I have a blu-ray device hooked up to the HDTV that has surround sound speakers(but only when i watch blu-rays or stream netflix off of it of course). Is there a way for me to hook up my surround sound speakers to my xfinity cable service? Do i need anymore hardware? I don't know enough about audio in order to do this, and any help is appreciated.
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  1. let me guess...the blueray player is one that came in a home-theater-in-a-box solution right? if so it could be a problem.

    what you want is a hdmi input or component cable inputs to transfer audio from your cable box (not the tv) to your speaker control device/receiver unit. if neither device supports all the ports needed (htib units typically lack ports) you might need to get a real receiver.
  2. So i just need to connect my xfinity box with an hdmi cable to the "speaker control device/receiver" what exactly is that in my setup. I just have the TV cable box and blu-ray player.
  3. what do your speakers plug into? that box (probably the blueray device) is the speaker controller and is what you want an hdmi input on. well or component cable inputs.

    if you dont have any decent inputs on that device then either you are SOL or you need to get a real receiver.
  4. oh I see thank you, yes the speakers connect to the blu-ray device
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