Are all LED TV's smart TV's?

We got a Vizio LED Smart TV 60 Inch for about $1k earlier last year.

I have been seeing tv's such as Panasonic Viera for $2300 and all it lists is "3d LED HDTV" it doesnt say "SMART"

So since its $1300 more than what we paid for our Vizio i am assuming that it's a smart tv?
Are TV's like this SMART Tvs or not? Because I honestly cannot see the justification in the price (ON SALE) if it's not a smart tv
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  1. I think it really depends on who lists it, on panasonic's website they list all the viera series as "smart tvs".

    The term smart is really vague with regards to TVs, it pretty much just means you can get internet and apps on the TV itself and has nothing to do with the fact that it is LED or whatever.
  2. No.

    Not all LED TV's are Smart TV.

    The Term "SMART" refers to their new features aside from regular TV Functions.

    For example, SMART TV's are able to access the internet and such.

    Some SMART TV's also have sensors in front that detects motion.

    If your LED TV does not have these functions, basically that's a basic LED.
  3. no... not all televisions are smart tvs.

    keep in mind that vizio is a low end brand. of course other brands are going to cost more and sometimes they do not have all of the features. build quality is most often better though.
  4. Considering their website information I would say some details are missing. I have checked LG, Samsung and Sony websites too and they all have listed their models as smart TV except few of them which actually don’t support smart function. For example - LG LV series doesn't have smart TVs whereas LW and LM have smart TV models so they have listed all of them accordingly. Can you provide the make & model of that Panasonic Viera 3d LED HDTV you have looked at so that we can cross-check from our end as well.
  5. A smart TV is basically any tv that has the ability to connect to the internet via wifi, and has the technology of a computer. For e.g. the physical characteristics of a smart tv is similar to the hardware a computer. Basically its just a tv that has a internet feature, fridges these days also connect to the net. Nearly every appliance will start having some sort of internet connectivity.
  6. no, not all LEDs are smart. Those are two different features
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