Never had an account name folder to begin with??-saved game problem

I bought a refurbished dell 6400 laptop. When I first set up the user account name, I put my own name in, which I then realized was the same name I set my desktop up with and since I planned on putting them on the same network, I thought it might be confusing. I went back into the laptop and changed the user account name to my wife's name. No problems.

When I start up the computer, it shows my wife's name as it should. However, I need to get into this
folder :

C:\Users\wifesname\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\gameIamplaying\savegame

When I opened the user folder, it had an administrator folder, my own name's folder, but not my wife's folder.

Something tells me if I had set the computer up from the very beginning with my wife's name, I would have never had this problem.

Is there anyway to get a folder with my wife's name in users to pop up?

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    Renaming an account via the account manager does not rename the profile. If you want a profile to match the user account name then you have to create a new user. Do not rename the profile directory.
  2. Correct.
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  4. thank you. can't wait until I'm home to try it out.
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