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Hi everyone. Firstly, I would like to thanks you for coming and take a look at the thread and please bear with me if you find that I post some real stupid questions.

no.1) Do you recommend using laptop on the laptop sleeve itself and act like some sort of cushion? Cause I thought that it might actually helps to trap heat and therefore isn't good for the laptop.
no.2) When your laptop battery is already 100% and yet you run on AC adapter will it actually lessen the battery life of the laptop? (I heard some laptop that will automatically stop charging the battery and let the laptop run on adapter and prevent "harming" the battery itself)
no.3) There are cooling mat and fans. Is cooling mat more for using in air-conditioned room? or both are equally effective in cooling the laptop? Btw, do you think its always a good habit to have a cooling fans? If so, do recommend me some
no.4) If there are data that I save in my hard disk drive which I doesn't want anyone to have access to, and which I set a password in the log in page to prevent people from accessing my files. Will people gain access to the files by simply removing the hard disk itself and connect it to another computer?
no.5) Is there currently any software where I can actually use my USB drives as a "key" to unlock my purposely locked "computer".
no.6) If I have lost my laptop (either by stolen or misplacing), Is there anything I do so that I know the location of my laptop? (either by configuring it to like... passively sending some data to the internet)

Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer my doubts. :)
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  1. 1) laptop sleeve? Not sure what you mean. Do you mean a cooling pad?

    2) Yes, it can reduce your battery life. If the battery is charged and you don't need it, just pull it out and run it off the wall outlet. You won't harm anything.

    3) It depends on the mat/ cooler as well as the laptop. Not all laptops need cooling pads/fans/whatever. Best off making that choice when you get your system, see how it runs.

    Dunno about 4 and 5.

    6) They make LoJack for laptops. You have to buy the software and install it. Plus, once the laptop is stolen it needs to be connected to the internet in order for LoJack to be able to track it. If the person who stole the laptop is smart enough to reformat your HDD, then you are completely out of luck.
  2. Hi. Ermm... by laptop sleeves, I mean those laptop bag. You can search for it in the google :) Thanks for your time and answers.
  3. holl0w said:
    Hi. Ermm... by laptop sleeves, I mean those laptop bag. You can search for it in the google :) Thanks for your time and answers.

    I see what you mean now. And no, that is not something you'd want to use your laptop on top of. The material would block the airflow to the vents on your laptop and it would overheat. So yeah, not a good idea. Those are more for protecting your laptop when you carry it around.
  4. Do keep the reply coming :)
  5. 4.) Yes! To prevent a stolen hard drive from being usable, you need encryption software like Microsoft's BitLocker. BitLocker is only available in the Ultimate version of Windows 7, but I've heard of free alternatives that will work as well. The downside to this technology is you will suffer some performance penalty, although Intel's new AES instruction set helps in that regard to a great extent. Those instructions are new and available on some of Intel's i3 and i5 processors (make sure to check which ones).
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