Problem with blu ray us G73JH-A-1

This is quite embarrassing. As some of you may or may not know I recently got my Asus G73JH-A1 laptop. Last night I played AVATAR on BLU RAY DISC with Cyberlink Power DVD Ultra 10 version 1516.51

Now I didn't know there was an update for Cyberlink to play AVATAR - BUT it DID play on my computer. Right now im downloading an update from Cyberlink that says "Added ability to play AVATAR", so im downloading it now.

Now the strange thing is, after playing AVATAR, NONE of my blu ray movies will play now including AVATAR. I downloaded the windows troubleshooter for BD-DVD drives and it encountered an error stating my drive cannot play BLU RAY MEDIA. It plays other media fine (DVD, CD's)

So my question is, Could AVATAR have borked my Blu ray player?

Does anyone know of a firmware update for my drive? I did try looking on the net, but google seemed to have found none, and the ones it did find are in a different language.

My BLU RAY Drive is:



Win 7 64bit

Asus G73JH-1

cORE i7 720

8gb ram

Maziar, if your around, do you have any ideas?

I would really hope to not have to send this laptop in for repairs - it would take probably 1 -2 months to get it back.
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  1. I think I found the update for your Blu-Ray Drive. Here it is, good luck. Let us know how it goes.
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    Oh, I also found this and thought you might like it.
  3. Hi SofaKingWeird,

    Thanks for the replies.I did check out those firmwares but none seem to match my blu ray drive.

    I have registered on that website so I will ask them if they know of anything.

    I have also contacted Asus technical support, but I haven't heard back yet, this was yesterday.

    Any more ideas? This problem with my laptop is just sad, I used to have a dedicated sony blu rayplayer but it had done the same exact thing almost but last year with a different movie.
  4. Yea, I had to upgrade the firmware in my home Blu-Ray player. Real easy to do, I just burnt the firmware to a CD and put it in and it did the rest. I would go to SONY's site and see if they have a firmware for yours. I'll see what I can find.

    I'm in the middle of a burning project for a friend. I have to get 50 meditation CD's duplicated and CD cases printed by tomorrow. She's coming by to pick them up. Good thing I have 3 Lite-On 24X DVD burners does make it go a little faster. But only one Epson 1400, so I end up waiting on the CD’s to print.
  5. Hi Sofa,

    I think my sony blu ray player is dead anyways for blu rays - it can only play DVDs. I did do the firmware update for it - back in December and that seems to be when things started taking a turn for the worse. No blu ray movies work on it anymore, it got some pretty hard use - so i'm not really surprised. Thats why I have this laptop to play my blu rays for me now...well not anymore haha! Anyways it is a Sony BDPS 550. Sadly I think blu ray diodes are still not mature enough to last as long as DVD diodes - or maybe i Just have really, really bad luck with technology! The crazy thing is - i am an computer technician! LOL this embarrasses me.
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