Next AMD processor price drop, when??

Just curious when we will see some more price drops in processors for AMD. Any ideas? I'm probably only going to buy the 2400+ since I have the 1600+ now and my motherboard only supports 266FSB. Right now I can get it for $80 retail.

I just have some friends that may be building soon so curious on the 3200+ and others. So wondering when the 2800+ may float around $125 retail and when the 3200+ may float around $180 retail. The 2800+ retail is about $144 now and the 3200+ is about $220 right now. These are retail prices.

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  1. I can get a 3200+ for's called a 2500+. Not sure about 2800+ or 2400+ (the other two you care about), sorry.

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  2. I dont think I would sink much money into your mother board. Looks like you know what you are doing though. just get the cheapest best 133fsb athlonxp i think the 2400xp is your best bet and its a hell of an overclocker if you get a better socket 462 board down the road. should do 200 - 210 fsb easy.

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  3. Not really sure, but based on Epox information (I have and Epox mobo), a 2600+ with 133 fsb exists.

    Also, I am not sure if a Barton would run on 133FSB mobos. The problem is that the mobo (chipset and buses) have to be overclocked. This is one of the things I have to try when prices go really down and I have the money ... :wink:

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  4. I had an A7V333 mobo.It had a 5/1 pci divider so I ran my xp2400 at 13 X 166.
  5. As far as the 2600+ 133 version, yes there is one. I think they only made it temporarily because the price seems out of whack. I don't think they wanted to make it as part of their line.

    I can get the 2400+ for $80 retail, the only place I can find the 2600+ 133 version is on, but the prices are over $100 for OEM.

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  6. I really do not see the bartons taking a price drop till at least the release of the hammer chip. Otherwise just find yourself an unlocked 2500+ for about 85 bucks and change it to the 3000+ - 3200+.

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  7. 2500+ doesn't need to be unlocked to turn it into a 3200+ - it's multiplier is 11 so simply upping the FSB to 200 gives you 11x200=2200Mhz (3200+) :smile: so any new 2500+ should do that happily... an unlocked one gives you more options should you wish to go further though.

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  8. So for all you throwing your FSB from 166 to 200, i have a few questions for ya...Currently my 1600+ runs at about 49 degrees, which is a very nice comfortable range for my cpu.

    What does the 2500+ run at stock usually? What is it running at with a 200FSB and let's say the stock heat sink/fan and about 4 fans in the case, 2 blowing in, 2 blowing out?

    If you overclock this to a 3200+ does the heat get out of whack?

    <i> If your computer is your best friend, maybe you should rethink your life.</i> :wink:
  9. I have a Barton 2500+ running on my Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra with a fsb of 133 [134, actually], and I am using a wire mod in the cpu socket to set the multiplier to 16.5. 16.5x134= 2211 MHz. I forget if I even had to up the Vcore; I might have slightly, to 1.675 or something. It runs just fine.

    My board only supports ram at 333, not cpu fsb;Soyo claims the 2600+ 133fsb is the top cpu.

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  10. At stock speed, and with four fans, a 2500+ will run in the high 30s. If you can get it to 2.2 with stock voltages, temps at idle would be 40ish. What makes the difference is if you have to add voltage. Different chips respond differently to voltage increases.
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