Dell e6400 bios master password

i need the master password for bios on a dell e6400
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  1. If you lost the BIOS password you'll probably need to take out the CMOS battery and let it discharge for a few hours. However, if it is stored in Eprom you'll need to erase the Eprom in a fashion that doesn't corrupt it. The best bet here is to get a new Eprom.
  2. is there a way to get master password so i dont have to take it apart? and without paying dell
  3. you can try to guess it.
  4. take out the battery don´t work on Dell laptops, but you can get a Dell Master Password at
  5. check on ebay, there are those who sell you the password for about $30 it works everytime for me.
  6. ebay people charging $30 forget that

    i can send master code for £5 = $8

    i have sent atleast 200 now
    and every 1 has worked

    all dell -d35b -595b -2a7b passowrds

    email me or
  7. @qasimtoep, thx for the link to
    I got my password within minutes and it works :-)
  8. I used - Its the only website I could find which recovered my password instantly after payment, all of the other sites wanted 2 - 48 hours to recover it. Plus its the cheapest at only $20.

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