Windows 7, programs crash, and won't start up afterwards until computer is resta

Hello, some of my programs seems to crash after awhile.

example: Playing Diablo III while talking with friends on mumble.
The game suddenly freezes and I wait to see if it shoud come back, and it never does.
So I press Ctrl-Alt-Del to close the program, and the status says "Not responding" I close the program and wait like 5-10 sec until I can see it's closed in "task manager" and i try to start the program again.

This happens, the cursor shows that it's "thinking" for like 2-3 sec, then nothing happens.
Same problem occurs with Skype, these are the programs im 100% sure to crash everytime.

I've tried to open them all as administrator.
Tried compatible modes
system recovery
Start up Repair (windows 7 feature I believe)

Anyone who can help me with this problem.
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    I would start with a virus scan.

    Oh I forgot to say i've scanned the computer twice now
  2. Did you find a solution? 'Cuz I'm having the same problem.
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