Logitech Z523 or Sony SRS-D8?

Hey! Which one of these, from what I've read they're both very good for their money.

In Finland they are priced about the same.

Sony SRS-D8 (new, couldn't find any reviews or such, but they seem very good)


Logitech Z523 (great reviews)

Which one should I get?
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  1. Really no-one has anything to say? I know those Sonys are new so there are not many reviews and such, but still?
  2. Did you choose between logitech and sony?
    I'd be interested too but there's no much about Sony srs d8 online.....
  3. I have these sony srs D-8 . Sony is not famous for their subwoofer unit , however the satellites are very good and has clear and flat frequency response . but i dont have knowledge on logitech which has 40 watt rms compared to 60 w rms of sony .
    In sony you also have an AV cable commectivity as extra . These sony just have that amount of bass to fulfill a normal human listening needs and has a soft beats and bass and not original sony BOOMY bass , which is good . So all i can guarantee is these 2.1 will have smooth sound and not the one that annoys at some tunes and give headache .
  4. i have the 5.1 setup very similar of the z523s, epic bass and the subwoofer vibrates through the house, i would recommend the logitech, they are a safe bet and very reputable. Haven't heard of the sony speakers before :/

    if you were undecided whether you wanted a 2.1 or 5.1 i brought the z506's half a year ago for £70 and they're excellent, better than a £150 setup i had a year ago
  5. Sometimes you just cant get a 5.1 for a room . Many reasons for that . More the satellites more the vocals and treble gets focused for similar price , this reduces power for sub woofer . Some house rooms have two doors making a pass by walking area or balcony . My mother dont like wires going all around room .

    Usually laptops dont recognize 5.1 system, then all you end up getting is a normal stereo . Why not have more powerful punchy sound if stereo is mostly heard .
  6. There are enough reviews and videos on YouTube to prove that Logitech sound good and even i think maybe they are a safer bet and even looks more modern . However one buying Logitech should always look for better deals , cause it seems there is a lot of price margin for them . Sony usually sell at less margin . It looks clear as there is huge price difference in Logitech`s company website and amazon .
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