Hot hot hot!!! 360M GPU

I recently purchased a G51JX-A1 Asus laptop with the 360M GPU. I was checking out my temps in HWMonitor (I even got EVGA Precision to double check the temperature) and I capped out at 99 C while playing a not exactly top notch game. Is this number accurate and normal? The air coming out is pretty warm, but the laptop as a whole doesn't get too exceedingly warm.

Anyone have any similar experiences with a G51J or the same model?

Thanks, kslghost
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  1. Also, furthermore, idle temp plugged in is like 70 C while on battery drops to like 60 C
  2. So I ran Furmark over a 8 minute test and concluded that my laptop GPU maxes at 105C with a laptop cooler. It seems stable and there is no throttling, and I read somewhere that Nvidia Mobile GPUs are rated up to 140C (!!!!!!!!!!!!). Pretty crazy if that's the "actual" temp.
  3. Anyone got any idea if this is dangerous at all to the laptop/within normal operating parameters?
  4. I've got a 360M too but my temperatures are somewhat different than yours. Idle is 45-50C while gaming (Mafia II) it only reaches 90 (for short periods) and usually stays at 85C. I am using RealTemp to capture GPU temp at everyminute.
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