Bluetooth PC Speakers with Individual Power Cords?

I was hoping someone could direct me towards a set of PC bluetooth speakers that individually plug into the wall.

What I want to do I have two or three speakers spread throughout one bedroom and possibly one for the living room. The signal would be coming from my laptop. The reason I would like them to be able to plug into the wall individually is so I do not have to recharge them every few days.

Even if they last a week without a recharge it is too much of a hassle. I have seen a ton of bluetooth and wifi speakers, but they are rechargeable as far as I can tell. Also I would like to try and keep each speaker about $60 or less. I am not a audiophile, but have a set (one sub-woofer and 4 small speakers) of older Creative wired PC speakers and am looking to free myself from having to plug the laptop into the speakers input.

Any ideas would be helpful.
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  1. I'm also looking for a "wired-power wireless-signal" type of setup and am having a REALLY hard time finding anything on the web. Does anyone make a speaker system that is powered but that can receive wireless (bluetooth or ethernet, whatever) signals and play those? I wanna stream from various computers to one set of speakers.
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