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what is the best cpu for this motherboard?:


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  1. That mobo has a nforce2 400 chipset,so the best for it is an unlocked 2500+barton-if you can find one or without luck and overclocking a 3200+barton,though the 3000+barton at 2.1ghz is practically speaking better for the money.Check out the athlonxps+bartons and pick.
  2. No! the board has a via kt400 chipset. The part about the xp2500 is very true, but the board only supports 166 fsb bartons. Most xp3000+ chips are now 200 fsb
  3. Hi,he mislisted the mobo,I assumed it wrote a "v" for an "n" rather than having left out a "m".

    "nVidia nForce220D A7N266-VM/AA
    nVidia nForce2-ST A7N8X Deluxe A7N8X-E Deluxe
    nVidia nForce2-S A7N8X

    nVidia nForce2-400 A7N8X-X
    nVidia nForce2 IGP A7N8X-VM A7N8X-VM/400
    SiS 740 A7S266-VM/U2
    VIA KT600 A7V600
    VIA KT400 A7V8X A7V8X-X
    VIA KM400 A7V8X-MX
    VIA KT333 A7V333-X "-asus.
  4. AXP 2700+

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