~500 all in one printer

I'm looking for a new printer. it needs to print legal and letter. it needs to fax scan copy and wireless would be nice. it must be a laser printer. color would be nice if it doesn't raise the price that much. it will be heavily used. thanks!
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  1. Personally I would avoid all-in-ones, though you are right to go for laser rather than the vagaries of inkjet.

    My objection is that these devices are devilishly complex and tend to be built down to a price. When one part goes wrong you have no use of the rest while repair is carried out or you face replacing the whole thing. Perhaps why I often find these units in dumpsters.

    For only a little more you can get a separate scanner and printer -- copying is pretty simple using those. Fax is used so little these days, a simple standalone will often suffice.
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