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Hi guys! My dad has a three year old Toshiba Satellite Pro M200, with a Centrino Duo (2.0 Ghz), 80 GB HDD & 2 GB RAM, running Vista Business. The system now encounters significant slowdowns due to viruses, etc, & now warrants a format.
My problem is that the OS DVD that came with the laptop is now lost. The laptop is certified for Vista Business. It even has a sticker on its body pronouncing the same.
But if I install Windows 7 32 bit, will it cause any problems? Will there be a compatibility issue? Any comments / suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks :)
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  1. There may be some driver issues if you upgrade to Win7. Though the general feeling is that 7 is an improvement and a bit quicker, you suggest there's no way back if it causes serious issues.

    Before deciding, have a thorough spring clean of dead files and unused programs and download some clean up and antivirus/malware utilities. Maybe that will speed things a bit.

    AVG or Avast, Superantispyware or Malware Bytes, CCleaner or Easy Cleaner.
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    According to this your laptop will support Win7. Just go to the drivers/downloads section of and mske sure they've got Windwos 7 drivers for download.

    EDIT: depending on the age of the laptop Toshiba may give you another install disk from anywhere from free to $30.00, too. So, if it is still under warranty I'd call Toshiba and make up some junk like the install disks came corrupted. A little mischievous, but it has worked for me before.
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