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i recently purchased a new computer that supports hdmi as a video output. I decided to hook up my computer to my 47 inch vizio tv (max resolution of 1900x 1080). Although everything is working the screen does not fit the entire tv there is a black region that makes up a small portion of the sides of the tv. Is there anyway I can make the screen fit the entire tv?
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  1. Obviously, try playing with Windows Video settings, res, refresh and see if the screen has an OSD (on screen display).
  2. Sounds a bit weird if your desktop's resolution is 1900x1080?
  3. @varis, it is quite weird indeed but thats the situation

    @fihart ive already played around with the resolution and video settings no change the black rectangle is still there. How do i check if it has an OSD?
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    Most computer monitors have an OSD button on the front panel -- most TV's that work as monitor, probably settings controlled from remote.
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  6. thanks man!! big help!!
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