How long does an audio download take

how long does it take to install an audio download.
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    can you be any more vague? i'll answer with equally vague and uninformative responses.

    if you mean how long does it take to download a song file... then it depends on the connection speed to the internet. on dialup this could be 5-10 minutes per song or more. on highspeed it could be 15 seconds or less.

    if you mean to how long does it take to install audio software... then it depends on your computers speed. on a fast computer an install could be 5 minutes or less depending on what is being installed. on a slower computer perhaps 10 or more, again depending.
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  3. Wat?
  4. exactly what i was thinking.

    why did you bother to ressurect a dead thread?
  5. It was the 2nd thread on page one. Not quite dead. Also, this thread perplexed me. I wanted clarification on what exactly he was looking for.
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