Mouse Pad for R.A.T 7

Well I have recently brought a r.a.t 7 while it was on sale. However I have read that on hardforum people are stating that this mouse only works on certain mouse pads. So my question is what mouse pad should I get in order to make this mouse work. Also I don't lift my mouse so I shouldn't have that cursor bouncing problem.

Pads I was going for:

Razer goliathus (don't know what edition works best; alpha, omega, or standard?) --- is there major difference between control and speed edition

Steelseries Qck

Thx in advance
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  1. anyone?
  2. ... im having the same issue, and looking into it now, i have a crap mini black mouse pad, it works fine , however it attracts dust and gets stuff stuck to it, witch then makes the mouse all jumpy, so far it looks like a hard light colour mat will work best.

    i will be going for one of these i think
  3. got the Razor Goliathus control pad but the mouse is almost toaly unresponsive on it so NO also looking for the perfect pad to use it on
  4. I love the cloth pads from steelseries (QCK)
    I have 3 QCK mats (1 of each size) and it amazes me how they stay nice and "new" for years. They are actually pretty cheap as well.

    I do not have the R.A.T. 7 but a friend of mine has it, and he also uses a QCK mat and I haven't heard him complain about the combination.
  5. i just got the contagion and im quickly finding that this mouse is pretty damn poor. it moves randomly when you press the mouse button even when i held it down so there was no movement of the chassis. not to mention im not even using a mat... double clicking on an icon is a joke also... often i find that i have to right click to open a file rather than just double clicking... and last but not least if im using 3ds max i find im often copying pollys when i dont want to. like i said theres some real issues if you try to use this peice of crap for anything other than fps gaming... end result? over priced junk that isnt fit for the job...
  6. I bought the RAT 7 two days ago. I'm using it without a mousepad on a wooden desk that is stained and varnished... everything is absolutely perfect. It's weird that y'all are having issues
  7. your lucky it really is a 50/50 chance as to whether the mouse will be fault free.
  8. got mine replaced today and i must say its much better. it seems that the whole mouse was slightly off kilter with lots of small issues that ended up creating a much bigger 1... it didnt track properly, the buttons didnt double click till i turned the click speed up to ridiculously high and when i hit the ouse button the cursur would move even though the mouse was absolutely still.
    the replacement is perfect though...
  9. I have the Mionix Ensis 320 (Silver version), and it works like a dream! I used to have all kinds of tracking inconsistencies with my old cloth pad, but all of that is completely gone with this pad. It is an aluminum pad, which I would recommend HIGHLY rather than cloth, because the cloth ones attract SOOO much *** over time and start screwing with the mouse's tracking ability.
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