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Help with laptop hdmi to receiver hdmi to tv hdmi

January 13, 2013 2:51:38 PM


I have a gateway NV57H laptop with Intel Graphics 3000. I have this connected to my Pioneer HTP-071 via hdmi. (The receiver in the HTP kit is the Pioneer VSX-321-K-P) I have the receiver running hdmi to the tv (LG42LD630).
My questions are:
1.) Can I get windows to send it's OS sounds in some 5.1 format to the receiver (so the start up sound comes in 5.1 through the receiver as opposed to only stereo)?
2.) Can I somehow get the laptop or receiver to upmix stereo sources (music played in intunes, winamp or vlc playing stereo source video files) to some form of 5.1? Currently the receiver only allows me to select stereo or PCM. Where as lets say I'm watching an HD movie on demand or and HD video source on the laptop it shows Dolby Digtal and allows me to select ProLogic, ProLogic2 movie, game, music, and NEO etc. mixing of the source on the receiver.