CPU fan too loud

Ok I finally reinstalled my P4 3Ghz CPU and this time removed the retail paste from the heat sink and CPU and used the artic silver 5

the temperatures dropped by 5 deg. C but still when I play a game the CPU temp is 55 - 60 deg C which is ok but the fan is screaming at 5800 rpm

Man this thing is too loud
I'm considering water cooling

Any experience or suggestions
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  1. Buy sth that you can adjust the fan speed..or add a resistor for your CPU fan..but of course, you have to make sure it won't get overheated
  2. What mobo?

    Use MBM5 to confirm those temps are accurate.

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  3. You could buy a high-end heatsink, such as the SLK947-U or maybe even the SP-94 if you can afford it, along with a fan like SmartFan II, whose speed can be manually adjusted. This way, you could get the same results as the stock HSF but by operating the fan at lower speeds.

    For example I have an Athlon XP at 1.65v vcore voltage and I am using a SLK800 with SmartFan II. I have the fan's speed set to 2500rpm which is almost silent and I have never exceeded 47C load.

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  4. Get a zalman "fan mate 1" for $5-7. You can easily cut those rpms in half. Mine runs at 23-2500, with the average temp at 39 celcius.
  5. Damn those are high temps.

    p4 2.8 533fsb
    intel mobo
    1gb rdram pc 800
    radeon9800 pro
    120gb seagate s-ata
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