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  1. Post the full specs please
  2. HP 550
    Core 2 Duo 1.60GHZ
    2GB RAM
    250GB HDD

    ASUS F5N
    AMD ATHLON TK-55 1.80ghz
    1gb Ram
    160GB HDD
  3. I would go with the first one because of having a better CPU and RAM but if you are going to use Vista/7,i strongly recommend getting 4GB of RAM
  4. The HP seems to be the better laptop on paper. I am a huge fan of Asus notebooks though. Absolutely love mine and highly recommend the brand. For the most part Asus doesn't make cheap laptops but you get a lot for the money.
  5. masscc said:

    T510 looks pretty good.
  6. shexpo said:
    T510 looks pretty good.

    I figure the only difference between the two beings the display screen size.
    T510 is better.
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