How to reset Epson cartridge?

i have brought a epson dx4400 esc/p standard 3 of a friend, as my other epson refused to take the paper in the inks are both the same as i had only just brought new inks for my epson that refused to take paper in but when i put the inks into the dx4400 it shows up that is no ink even though i have taken them out and put back in about 4 times can you please tell me what the problem is as i have no money to buy new inks thank you julie steele
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  1. are they chipped inks? if they have a chip you need a chip resetter. Sometimes if an ink cartridge is low and you put it in another printer it will try to purge the ink and it will then report out of ink. If the cartridges do not have a chip, you need to go to epsons website and read through the products manual to find how to reset the counter.
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