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Hello everyone,,,my name is Asif and I have just joined the forum
I am looking very hard on the internet for cheap laptops, pricing from 100-200 USD (preferably at the lower end)..but cant one,,,,i found many chinese manufacturer offering laptop from as low as 50 USD,,,but the problem is reliance ,,,i cannot rely on their quality,,,have heard and seen earlier of Chinese technological products...most o f them are rubbish, many problems....

Could anyone please help me locate laptop manufacturer whose price ranges from 100 usd to 200 ..could be famous brand or emerging brand...what I really care about is the quality of their products...
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  1. In that price range you're pretty much asking for low-quality stuff...better stuff costs more money, that's the way the world works.

    The only real thing I could recommend is used netbook in that range. Take a look around Ebay.
  2. Noo...not ebay...I am not looking for the laptop for personal use. I am a trader and willing to import laptop. I am not seeking low quality but rather a low configuration laptop, such by eliminating non value adding function for me such as I dont need bluetooth, no webcam, no large space of harddisk, fair ram etc.


    Asif Sabir
  3. Like I said, unless you get a deal with a manufacturer for at-cost notebooks, there's no way to get a new notebook at a price like that retail. You need to up your budget or buy used notebooks instead.
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