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I was recently installed some USB snooping software in order to attempt to reverse engineer a USB driver. Next thing I know, all my USB devices cut out and now Windows 7 refuses to recognise them. As my keyboard and mouse are both USB, I cannot even login to Windows 7 to even start fixing this. Both devices work fine on BIOS and in my dual booted Linux. Is it possible to fix this from my Linux install (I can access the windows 7 partition)? I assume I have managed to mess up the USB drivers, is there any way I can uninstall any drivers that aren't default and let windows reinstall them when I boot back in to windows? If not, if I can get my hands on a PS/2 keyboard/mouse what should I do to fix this?
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  1. Safe mode?
  2. Sorry, forgot to mention, same thing happens in safe mode; no USB devices are picked up.
  3. Bump :(
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