P4 2.4GHz - strange problem

I have a problem on my inspiron 5100.
It's only 2 months old and I never had this problem before.
It shuts down after a while.
It happens when some CPU demanding process is on. Like DVD player, CPU test program, Win Deafraug. And the overall cpu performance is very weak. Even playing a DivX movie on the background makes the sound all jerky, I am not talking about running several processes at the same time.
It just shuts off without any notice or error.
Bottom of the computer gets pretty hot too.

Who knows what the problem is? What should I do?
Are there any tools to test the CPU performance, temperature?
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  1. The P4 is supposed to throttle before you get heat problems. Download memtest86 and run it. Move all your ram timings up if they fail the first time.
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