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Hey guys, I'm new here so I have a question about laser jet printers. We're getting a new printer at my house since our old one is terrible with ink, and we've decided to get a laser printer because of the ink efficiency. We're willing to pay more because we want that better ink efficiency. So what I'm asking for are some suggestions on laser printers... Here are some of our wants/needs:

-- Under $200
-- Only need black and white printing, DO NOT want to deal with color
-- Good brand, services etc.
-- Wireless networking, or at least able to plug into router is necessary
-- If this is possible, I'm not sure it is, only deal with toner cartridge? No drum cartridge if they even make them without.
-- Good page efficiency, 1500+ pages a cartridge; not too expensive please
-- If a drum cartridge is necessary, good efficiency on that too
-- Good print quality
-- Good print speed would be a plus
-- All-in-one would be nice, but I've heard they're more prone to problems
-- This is somewhat trivial, but we'd like it to look nice. So maybe a black color, but that again isn't necessary
-- Comes with all necessary cables, like USB etc.

If I think of anything else, I'll add it later.

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  1. HP P2035n is a decent low end network model. According to the specs I see, the toner is pretty cheap (under $40 for remanufactured) and does over 2k pages. If you are worried about the toner messing up the printer, stick with new HP ones. Almost all issues I have seen with laser printers have come from using used toners

    You will have some issues finding all of your specs at your price range. I have not seen any printer lately come with a USB cable.

    Brother Lasers are cheap, but not as well built as HPs. This comes from many years working with both brands. Brothers have more issues with jams, more issues with fusers, paper path issues.
  2. Brother or samsung!
    toner is good buy, since you are using a powder as opposed to a liquid (ink)
    Samsung makes printers for Lexmark, Dell.
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