HP DV6500 DC Jack or power issue

I have an HP dv6500 laptop that seems to need a new dc jack but I think the problems go beyond that. Both with or without the battery in, if I jiggle the power cord I can get the connection point to light up, but nothing else happens...no light in the front indicating power to the battery, and the computer won't boot at all. I would think that with the battery in, the indicator light in the front would at least light up. And no boot. =( Is this a motherboard issue on top of needing a new dc jack?
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  1. I don't know if your motherboard is also damaged, since these two problems are inherently serial. Take it apart if it isn't under warranty and take a look at the jack. Make sure it is, in fact, the jack is the problem - sometimes the connector in the cable can go bad after too many bends.
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