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Hello there. Recently I've been suffering a series of pausing. It's never a full on freeze, i can still move my mouse, but clicking becomes obsolete.

To break the freezing, i have to hit ctrl-alt-delete and simply hitting escape will cause my system to run as normal. I have tried a second mouse to check it wasn't purely coincidental, it also happened with the second mouse.

I have done a full format and reinstall of windows since it started and still it happens.

I can't be too certain but i think these pauses may be linked in with installing VB6.0. As my college still uses VB6.0, i installed it via compatibility mode, and although i can't be too certain, i think it may be tied in with VB6.0 editing system files or whatever it does.

When these pauses occur, i can do nothing other than operate with the keyboard or just move the mouse, until i hit CTRL-ALT-DEL i can't click anything.

I'm just wondering whether anyone else has win7 and VB6.0 installed and has encountered these problems? Or not.

I'm soon to finish my unit and will do a full format again so i guess I'll find out then if no one else has any input.


Although i believe its a software problem, here are my hardware details:

Q6600 - stock clock at the moment.
Corsair H50 heatsink
nVidia 9800GTX+

Also i realize that VB6.0 isn't listed as a compatible win7 program, but i have no XP machines left and VS2008 saves under different formats.
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  1. I've done a full format and the problem is still occuring. I can only presume it's a hardware problem, which isn't good. Anyone else experienced this?
  2. if you had to install the program in compatability mode, you already have the problem in hand, Win7 don't like VB6
  3. number13 said:
    if you had to install the program in compatability mode, you already have the problem in hand, Win7 don't like VB6

    Yeah thats why i presumed it was VB6 causing the problems. But i have done a complete reinstall of windows since without installing VB6.0 and the problems remain, as frequent as ever.

    After every startup, i can move the mouse, operate windows via the keyboard, but i cannot click anything. That includes the startbar, any window that may be open (firefox/winamp/msn anything, i can't click inside them but i can alt tab to them and tab around in the program no problem) Hitting CTRL ALT DEL will fix the problem for the time being.

    As soon as i launch a full screen thing, such as a video on youtube, or a game, when i come out of fullscreen the mouse click is locked up again.

    It sometimes happens even if i'm just randomly browsing the net.

    Its not crucial, but is very, very annoying.
  4. how big is you monitor/ resolution settings, if you are above 1440x900 try reducing the resolution, post back
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