How to connect RCA Audio Plug to speaker wires?

I have some speakers that I bought to connect to my turntable. HOWEVER, the speakers end in bare wire and my turntable only takes RCA 3.5 mm (red/white). Is there any way to splice them directly on the speaker wire? Or do I need an adapter/receiver?

The more research I do the more it seems soldering would be involved to add the plugs. I'd much prefer to NOT have to do that. Is there an adapter box that I can clip the wires in on one end that has rca on the other end?

Edit: The back on the turn table for Audio out reads "8 OHM" and easily fits the red/white rca cables. Also wondering, would banana plugs work, or are they for headphone sized input/output?
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  1. The speakers only connect to the OUTPUT of an AMPLIFIER. The turntable must be connected to the input of the amplifier, the turntable will not drive speakers all by itself.
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