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Hey everyone. I'm finally looking to get an IPS display to replace my current TN panel (1080p at 25"). I'm mostly looking for a display to game, watch movies, and manage documents on. 1900x1200 is the only resolution I'll take and I have a budget of $600-700. There should be no ghosting and have appropriate color reproduction to enhance the gaming experience. Size should be between 21 and 26 inches. Thanks guys.
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  1. Even TN panels can have some ghosting. The Dell U2410 is probably your best bet.

    My 25.5" Planar PX2611w is an older monitor that can beat the Dell U2410 hands down (color, response times and input lag), but it is no longer in production. Even when it was available it was in production, it's price was higher than your budget. There are still some new ones for sale, but the price has gone up since they are no longer produced.
  2. What about the HP LP2475w? Is it a good one for gaming? I'm just looking to find any better looking screen than my crappy TN panel that'll work perfectly for gaming. I'm an enthusiast gamer so lag is important to me. The ghosting must be unnoticable w/o overdrive.
  3. All LCD monitors uses some form of overdrive to achieve low response times including. Even TN panel monitors needs overdrive to achieve 2ms response times.

    The NEC EA231WMi is an e-IPS monitor which does not use overdrive whatsoever. The result is a response time of 14ms compared to the Dell U2311h's response time of 8ms which also use the same e-IPS panel. This results in the NEC being less ideal for gaming. See following review:

    The Dell U2410 is better overall than the HP LP2475w. It has lower input lag than the HP LP2475w when in gaming mode and provides better color accuracy when both monitors are properly calibrated. Both use H-IPS panels.

    If you want absolutely no ghosting whatsoever and no overdrive (which generally cannot be switched off anyway) then your best bet are the good ol' CRT monitors.

    Here are reviews for the Dell U2410 and HP LP2475w:
  4. Here is a link to a very good web site with a comprehensive list of IPS monitors:

    You can click on the names of most monitors to go to highly detailed technical reviews.
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