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Sorry that this question maybe old but I have not seen any in the board. I have played around with OC and basically just with FSB. Hwever, I have Palomino, which is not really good for OC.

Now I read the ocinside website about wire method under the CPU. Is it just that I round some pair of pin with small metal wires and push the CPU into the socket.How does this affect the tightening of CPU in socket and what is the true explanation of this activities.

Also, can I expect anything nice with my Palomino from this modding.

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  1. No, wire mods are meant to modify pin definitions as seen by the motherboard, for example raising voltage or unlocking multipliers.

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  2. Maybe I am wrong, but this mod was for Tbred and not for Palomino. For unlocking Palominos you have to follow the method described, for example, in THG - CPU section. The article is quite old.

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  3. Mostly just for unlocking the multiplier and voltage but the temps on those Palominos are high enough that you would need water cooling as a minimum. Just bridge up the L1 caches with some epoxy and jump the multiplier up.

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