Are all Athlon XP 2500 Bartons Unlocked???

I have a Barton Athlon XP 2500+ that is unlocked. I was wondering if all 2500's are unlocked?

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  1. Not anymore. All 2500+ made after week 39 of 2003 have thier multiplier locked.
  2. No, lately they are locked. Look for older post using THG search engine in the forums, other thread talk about it.

    You are lucky if you buy it recently.

    Still looking for a <b>good online retailer</b> in Spain :frown:
  3. There was a time till week 31 I believe when all new bartons were locked.

    Barton 2500+ @ 2200mhz (10x220 vcore @ 1.8)
    Asus A7N8X Dlx 440 FSB
    1gb Geil GD pc3500 Dual Channel (2-3-3-6)
    Segata 80gb SATA 8.5ms seek
    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro(420/720)
  4. Bartons (and other AMD cpus) unlocked til approx week 39 (there are a few exceptions as some were locked before week 39)

    After week 39 Bartons and other AMD cpus started being locked (again there are a few exceptions)

    There is now a new trick to unlock the locked Bartons. See here for more info:<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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    MSI KT3 ULTRA-2 KT333
    Maxtor 60GB ATA 133 7200RPM
    512MB PC2700
    9600 Pro
  5. Try this:
    It looks much easier.
    Has anyone tried this?
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