Best Gaming Headset?

What's your favorite?

I'm looking at:
Creative Tactic3d Wrath,
ASUS Vulcan ANC.
Are they any good?
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  1. Hi! You could find good gaming headphones at

    Personally I like Sennheiser PC350 Gaming Headphones. They are fantastic gaming headphones, in fact they are just fantastic headphones. They have nice big ear cups that sit around your ear not on them, which blocks out a good amount of sound. They are very comfy across your head and great for extended periods of time
  2. i am using a panasonic dj-headphone.. can´t tell you exactly the modell ..
  3. If you want the best sound quality, stay away from any "gaming" headsets and get a proper pair of headphones and a clip on mic.

    Check this thread over at Head-Fi (A great site for headphone related queries):

    If the sound quality isn't much of an issue, and you would prefer an all in one headset/mic then I would personally check out the Logitech PC360, which has great quality, although its a bit pricey.
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