HTPC: Using a BD Player instead of an AV Receiver?

Hello, and thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

I'm planning on building a HTPC using my:

PC (Windows 7, ATI 6870 with 1 HDMI OUT, and X-Fi Titanium with 1 Optical IN, 1 Optical OUT)

HDTV (Panasonic TH-P42U20Z with 3 HDMI INPUT and 1 Optical OUT)

and either a BD Player Home Theatre system or an AV Receiver.

I had my mind set on an entry level AV Receiver with HDMI Inputs and Outputs, like Sony STR-DH810.

To my knowledge, to connect the 3 components I would first go from PC (Ati 6870 HDMI Out) -> AV Receiver (HDMI In) and then AV Receiver (HDMI Out) -> HDTV (HDMI In).

This would mean the picture from the PC would be displayed on the HDTV, and the sound from my PC will be played through the receiver.

(Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

But, I have discovered a possible, cheaper alternative, which is to use a BD Player like Sony BDV-N990W.

This BD Player has 2 HDMI Inputs and HDMI Output, which satisfies the above setup requirements for the AV Receiver.

I will be using the PC to watch DVD and Blu-Ray in 5.1 surround sound, and playing PC games with 5.1 surround sound.

Will using the AV Receiver and the BD Player accomplish those goals?

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  1. Looking at the product pages, I gather that the BD player will output HD audio, but only from discs. It won't play HD audio from the HDMI inputs (which you would have your HTPC connected to I assume). That being the case, I think using a true receiver is a better idea. If you plan to have any ISOs or MKV's on the HTPC to playback, the receiver will decode the HD audio.
  2. often using htib sets or a blueray player to do the work of a receiver is a bad idea. if they do work you still are very limited in your upgrade capabilities.

    using a real receiver is a better idea.

    you should be able to connect to a receiver in the manner you stated. i would suggest using 60hz mode as well if you play games.

    i've heard it recommended to avoid low end sony receivers but have nothing concrete to say about them. i've heard some people using onkyo and i personally like my pioneer
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