Toshiba A215 or A135 which is better?

Heres the deal i have both and which ever i decide not to keep goes to the momz, Keep in mind that both have upgrades over stock, the A135 has had it's Celeron M swapped for a Core2Duo, and both have had Ram added

type---------- A135-S7403-----A215-S4747
Processor--- T7200-------------TL-56
Processor--- 2.0Ghz------------1.8Ghz
Ram---------- 2GB (2x1GB)-----3GB (1GB + 2GB)
Ram speed- PC5300------------PC5300
Graphics---- GMA 950-----------Radeon x1200
Hard Drive-- 80GB---------------200GB
HD RPM------ 5400RPM---------4200RPM

side note: the A215 has a built in 1.3Mpx web cam...

Any other questions feel free to ask but whatever specs i didn't list both laptops are identical

Both Laptops are running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
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  1. OS is the same? Send the one that looks 'nicer' to Mom.
    Otherwise they'll both do equally well for basic laptop duties.
    Anyone going to be wanting to watch HD videos?
  2. Both Laptops are running Windows 7 64bit
    Both Laptops will have to run some HD movies but they will mostly be used for Internet and Word Processing
    the one i keep i may play a couple light games while on the go but mine will have to run AutoCAD and Revit (which is a processor and memory hog)

    they both look new as they have both been in Laptop bags whenever they were moved.
    both work 100% butthe A215 has a nice shiney top.
    i'm just partial to AMD ever since i built my gaming desktop
    but my intel (A135) has served me without fault for the last 2.5 years
  3. In terms of raw CPU power the CPUs have the follow CPU Passmark scores:
    Intel Core2 Duo T7200 @ 2.00GHz = 1136
    AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile TL-56 = 860
  4. Cool little charts hadn't seen those before!

    Yeah I notcied the T7200 is a bit more powerful than the TL-56 but the AMD machine can also support 4GB of ram and I can eventually upgrade the TL-56 to a TL-66 which is right around the level of the T7200, or even a faster AMD CPU but thats for later.
  5. They're close enough in performance you probably wouldn't notice any difference switching between them.
  6. Yeah the fact that overall performance is near identical i think is making it a hard choice.
    I guess i'm just trying to get opinions of why one would choose one over the other.

    Thanks for helping this far
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