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Few short questions im seting up my home media center computer being the host. I have a tv connected to the computer via DVI and, the computer screen connected via VGA now iv organised the sound side with an optical out sound card connecting into my amplifier.
The purpose of this is to be able to have 2 people on the 1 computer at once using my new tv as a screen, the issue being how to connect 2 key boards and 2 mouses, (wireless obviously for the tv) and my wired keyboard and mouse connection for the computer its self with out the interference of the 2. Is there a program that allows me to allocate each key board and mouse to a screen of sorts, if not any other suggestions on how to solve this delima if any thing sounds out of the ordinary please let me know.

Thank You
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  1. You can connect 2 mice and keyboards to a PC but you can't have them limited to each screen. The PC will be shared between the 2 setups. If you want to setup separate outputs to the TV and to the regular monitor, you need to have 2 computers for this. You can output to 2 things at once, but not run the controls as if there were 2 computers there.
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