Connect an amplifier with speaker line output to a speaker with RCA

Dear all,

I would like some help, I'm not very familiar with home entertainment system, I have been having this trouble for a while and cant get an answers from those shops that sell me the things!

I had an amplifier with speaker output (8 speaker output, front-left, front-right, etc) and speakers with RCA input. I have bought a speaker to RCA line level converter and connect fl and fr from amplifier output to speaker RCA input but that just result in noises and I'm pretty sure the converter is ok and both speaker and amplifier are ok.

So I must have done it wrong somewhere, maybe there is something like "RCA to speaker line level"? I have googled alot but nobody mention such things.


I'd really appreciate any help or pointers, I'm stuck for 2 months with those things
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  1. Dear all, anyone know or having a clue on this problem?
  2. If the speakers have no power cord then they do not have amps in them. If so just use regular speaker wire with RCA connectors on the speaker end. Cheap speakers have RCA jacks on them to save money.
  3. Thanks for that,

    The speaker has power cord, I have attached the ground wire to piece of metal so no more noises but no sound either, very strange because if i connect that amplifier to a speaker that has speaker wire in it is fine and if i connect my TV to the speaker that has RCA in it is fine as well.

    So perhaps the speaker to RCA line level converter is crap but I'm not sure if I did get the right thing "speaker to RCA line level converter" or I need to get something else and that is what puzzle me.
  4. Does anyone has a clue for this? separately amplifier and speaker works, amp has speaker cable output (fl, fr, cl, cr, etc 8 output) and speaker has 2 rca input and i have tried a speaker to rca line level converter for car radio and that just do nothing, no sound

    so i'm wondering maybe the line level converter i got is for connecting from amp that has rca output to speaker that has speaker input (?) but i cant find anything different, all other product has same description, shall i just buy one each and try (?)
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