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I would very much appreciate any recommendations for a replacement CPU. My current setup includes:

Motherboard: MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU, (has a VIA KT333)
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 1900+ (Palomino, I believe)
memory: 1 x 512 MB Mushkin 2700

The reason I'm looking into a new CPU is that the old one broke. For now, I don't want to buy a new MB / memory, since I plan on upgrading to the Athlon 64 once they come down in price a bit (and once I have a job), and at that point will build a complete new system and keep this one as a secondary. What I'm mainly looking for is a good performance / price, but I'm willing to lean to the performance side as long as I just need a processor. I would also like to be able to keep using the 333MHz capability of the memory to good effect.
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  1. The kt333 chipset only supports 133 fsb chips. The 133 xp2600 is not generally available, so for natively supported chips, the xp2400 is your best bet. I would consider this a real upgrade from the xp1900 palomino anyhow. It is a good overclocker comes with a quiet but cool hsf and will be much less of a baseboard heater than the palomino. On the other hand, if the board supports a 5/1 pci divider, chances are very good that any of the 166 fsb bartons would also work. If in the bios it says the pci bus will be at 33, when the fsb is at 166, try an xp2500.
  2. Barton 2500+ if you can.

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  4. KAVANIT : you don't understand... Or you don't know anything about AMD CPU... Why tell him to get a Barton core based Athlon XP when is board only support 133FSB?

    And, by the way, Barton's are not supported on KT3 boards.

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  6. Thanks everybody for the suggestions / comments. I think I'll just go to Fry's and pick the whichever thoroughbred (133 FSB) has the best speed for the price (I suspect it's the 2400+). Also thank you for pointing out why I can't use a barton. I guess I'll just have to skip that generation.
  7. Get a 2400+

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  8. I am so happy with my unlocked Barton 2500 running in my Soyo KT333 board at 134x16.5=2211... I am using the wire mod for the 16.5, but man I am glad I got one last fall... an unlocked cpu might boot up, but ya, the 2400+ is a sure thing...

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